Support services

High-quality and efficient support services help to create the preconditions for the National Audit Office’s effective audit and monitoring activities. Clear responsibilities within the support services and the guidelines and expert services provided by them ensure that the rest of the personnel can focus on the NAOF’s core activities and external impact.

The support services are organized as projects, and their annual objectives and resources are set out in their project plans. The support service processes of a permanent nature are:

  • HR services,

  • Financial and reporting services,

  • Communications services,

  • ICT services, information security, and data protection,

  • Analytics services,

  • Document management and premises services,

  • Procurement and agreement services,

  • Assistant services.

The support services are responsible for carrying out the NAOF’s duties as an accounting office. Some of the support services, such as the HR and the financial and reporting services, are provided in cooperation with Palkeet according to the responsibilities under the approved service agreement. The support services of the National Audit Office produce information to support the NAOF’s management and supervisors. Through their own work, they also support the personnel, supervisors, and management to achieve the strategic objectives in their areas of responsibility. Support services are provided for the entire agency to promote both the personnel’s and the agency’s operating conditions, as well as the activities of the working community.

The tasks of the support services include organizing the specified-format HR and financial reporting, as well as other administrative services. The HR, financial and reporting, and procurement and agreement services help to ensure the fulfilment of the prerequisites of internal control by providing the NAOF staff with up-to-date guidelines.

The NAOF’s communications services implement the NAOF’s strategy by supporting a positive internal and external organizational image and by promoting the provision of information. The channels and measures of communications are selected and the contents are implemented in a target group-oriented manner. The communications services also provide translation and terminology services to meet the requirements of the Language Act and to support international cooperation. Work community communications support the employees’ access to information and promote working together to achieve the strategic objectives.

The aim of the NAOF’s ICT services is for the staff to have effective personal IT tools at their disposal, for the agency to have well-functioning platforms for data processing and communications, and for the office workspaces and meeting rooms to have technical solutions that meet the user needs. Information security and data protection are ensured through preparedness and by providing guidelines and training for the staff as well as expert support for projects. Analytics services help to develop solutions for the NAOF’s knowledge-based management, as well as the introduction and maintenance of methods and tools needed in audit and monitoring.

Document management develops its electronic services and supports the staff in the use of the services. All ICT services take into account the ongoing requirements regarding hybrid work. Assistant services ensure that the audit and monitoring activities, as well as the NAOF’s management, have expert support at their disposal in both administrative and audit-related issues in various projects.