Focus areas in competence development

Competence development has been selected as one of the focus areas of the strategy period. The changing operating environment and the requirements set by the audit sector will shift the focus of competence development towards broader and more versatile competence paths.

The 12 critical competence areas of the National Audit Office are:

  1. Analytics and data competence

  2. Knowledge of public administration

  3. Knowledge of general government finances

  4. Risk management knowledge

  5. IT system and digitalization knowledge

  6. Audit competence

  7. Knowledge of societal impact and networking

  8. Project work knowledge

  9. Interaction and teamwork skills

  10. Coaching leadership skills

  11. Systems thinking skills

  12. Strategic thinking and operations skills.

The critical competence areas will be used as a framework in the development of the personnel’s competence. In 2022, competence development at the NAOF level will focus on:

  • the development of digital capacity, including the development of analytics and data competence, as well as IT system and digitalization knowledge,

  • maintenance and development of audit competence,

  • deepening the project work knowledge.

Development of digital capacity

Technology is developing rapidly, which enables us to develop new operating models for audit work and all of the NAOF’s activities. Our aim is to develop our competence so that we can, for example, acquire, combine, and utilize new kinds of data in the audit work. We need new skills for the automation of data processing and analysis. The importance of knowledge management skills will also be emphasized in 2022.

The digitalization of the audit environment requires us to have a better understanding of the operating principles of information systems and of the processes, controls, and risks associated with their management. We also need to be more familiar with the principles, procedures, and technologies used in the digitalization of functions and services.

Maintenance and development of audit competence

In addition to developing new kind of competence, the National Audit Office will continue to maintain its extensive and versatile audit competence. The NAOF provides both general audit training and audit-type-specific training. Audit-type-specific networks also play an important role in promoting collaborative learning and competence sharing. Training sessions and programmes related to auditing are planned and implemented in cooperation with those responsible for the different audit types.

The NAOF’s auditors are also encouraged to pursue domestic and international certifications in auditing as part of their work.

Deepening of project work knowledge

The National Audit Office is a project organization, where all work is done in projects. We will continue to focus on developing our teamwork and project management skills. In particular, we will develop the competence of people specializing as project managers or project team leaders. Important elements of project work knowledge include, in particular, project management, the planning and management of work, reporting, and leadership.

Competence development to focus on on-the-job learning

Competence development will no longer mean only individual one-off training sessions or programmes. The perspective is shifting more and more towards learning that continues throughout the career and competence that develops in different duties at all stages of the career. We aim to support and promote on-the-job learning and find new forms and operating models to this end. At the same time, we will improve the capacity of our staff to provide and receive feedback as a natural part of everyday work. In team-based working, on-the-job learning is supported by learning from others as well as sharing one’s own expertise.

The training provided by the National Audit Office will focus on diverse learning events and forms, such as study circles and the utilization of online learning environments. Some training events will be organized by means of eOppiva.

During 2022, the NAOF will introduce the information system Osaava for the setting and implementation of objectives, competence management, and continuous dialogue. Osaava is a system that supports a coaching-based approach and interaction in the NAOF’s operations.