Digitalization of the audit and monitoring activities

The digitalization of society and public administration and the utilization of data and digital technologies set a number of requirements for the core activities of the National Audit Office.

In our strategy, digitalization has been recognized as an issue and phenomenon that we must take into account when developing our activities. Therefore, we launched a digitalization development programme in 2021. The aim of the programme is to safeguard longer-term preconditions for digitalization and data utilization in our own activities, to enhance and expand the use of data and analytics in auditing, and if necessary, to introduce new technologies to support the audit processes. Extensive digital development helps to ensure that our operations are efficient, fulfil the requirements set for auditing, and have a societal impact.

We will strengthen the NAOF’s digital foundation, which covers efficient information management, the technical architecture, and the necessary structures and tools for the digital development of our operations. We started this work in 2021 and will continue it during the planning period.

We will develop knowledge-based management of audits

Our objective is to genuinely streamline the main audit processes and the related support processes from start to finish. The streamlining will be planned and implemented gradually.

During the planning period, we will introduce a new information system for financial auditing. The aim of the new system is to support the planning and implementation of audits and to assist in the steering and quality control of audits. The introduction of the information system is expected to improve the efficiency of the different audit phases, increase transparency, and enhance the flow of information in the process.

We will expand the use of data analytics tools in our audits. For example, we will use text analytics in audits where there is a need to classify topics and information from large volumes of text.

We will strengthen the development of knowledge and data management, as well as the technical foundation for digitalization

We will continue to develop our data architecture to support efficient use of data in audit activities and administrative processes. This will make it easier to utilize our own and our stakeholders’ data by supporting the transparency, ethics, and lawfulness of data processing.

We are building a technology architecture consisting of an infrastructure and different technologies and structures. Our objective is to ensure the integrity of the NAOF’s technology architecture and to produce technical solutions supporting audit activities cost-effectively in the short and long term.

In 2022, we will expand the use of our data warehouse solution in auditing in order to enable uniform processing and wider utilization of audit data.